JHA | Job hazard analysis |04 May 2020 |03 June 2020

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JHA | Job hazard analysis |04 May 2020 |03 June 2020

Instructor: Ir.IJ.Kasdadi, MT.

Bandung | 08 i 20019 | 25 June 2019 |

Course Objectives:

This course is intended to provide knowledge and understanding of the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). In the early part of this training will be discussed terminologies related JHA such as hazard, risk, incident, and so forth. The discussion will be carried out fully, both procedures, the stages of JSA, as well regarding any hazard hazard-related job and its analysis. To complement the participants’ understanding of the Permit to Work (PTW), several risk assessment methods and examples of JHA / JSA from some companies also will be reviewed in this training. Generally, after this training, the participants are expected to gain knowledge and understanding of JHA thoroughly.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Course
  • Hazard, Safety & Risk Terminologies (safety terminologies, hazard, risk, incident, accident, safety work, etc)
  • The Hierarchy of Controls (Engineering controls, Management controls, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), etc)
  • Identifying types of hazards (Pressure, Mechanical, Flammability/Fire, Explosives, Electrical Contact, Chemical Reactions, etc)
  • Accident Types (Contact-with, Caught-on, Caught-in, Caught-between, Fall-to-surface, Fall-to-below, etc)
  • Potential Major Accidents in Field (Blowouts, Riser & Pipeline releases, Process Hydrocarbon Releases – Fire & Explosion, Ship Collision, Transportation Accidents, Structural damage, etc)
  • Who Perform JSA/JHA & Why Conduct a JSA?
  • Steps of Job Hazard Analysis (JHA form, Watch the work being done, Describe the hazards in each step of the task, etc)
  • Permit to Work (PTW) System (PTW form, cold work, hot work, confined space entry, formal procedure, etc)
  • Application of JHA in Risk Assessment Program (Risk Assessment Code, Risk Assessment Matrix, etc)
  • Risk Assessment Methods (what if, checklist, Event Tree Analysis / ETA,  Fault Tree Analysis / FTA, etc)
  • JHA practices and JHA examples from some companies
Intended Audience
Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) safety training is designed for construction workers and managers who are responsible for the safety of their job site according to OSHA regulations. We encourage all employees to use this information to analyze their own jobs, to recognize workplace hazards and how to report them.
  • Construction Foremen
  • Construction Supervisors
  • Construction Workers

Features and Benefits

By taking Click Safety’s Job Hazard Analysis online safety course, you will be able to identify common hazards and to conduct an analysis for your workplace. When you have successfully completed this course, you will:
  • Know how to conduct a job hazard analysis
  • Understand the risk assessment code
  • Be prepared to use a job hazard analysis


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