Metering System and Custody Transfer for Oil and Gas

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Metering System and Custody Transfer for Oil and Gas

Metering System and Custody Transfer for Oil and Gas

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This course is developed for engineers and technicians who need to have a practical knowledge of selection, installation and commissioning of fiscal metering equipment. It is for those primarily involved in achieving effective results in industrial processes. This would involve the design, specification and implementation of control and measurement equipment. The course focuses on practical applications, with special attention to installation considerations and application limitations when selecting or installing different measurement or control instruments for fiscal metering.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of all levels of personnel and can be tailored to meet specific project or equipment requirements.


1. Introduction to Fiscal and Custody:

2. Basic Fluid Flow

3. Performance Characteristic of Flowmeter

4. Head Flow Meter

5. Calibration of Flow Meters in Air/Gas/Water and Oil Medium

6. Turbin Meter

7. Standard AGA 3 and AGA-7 AGA-9

8. Ultrasonic Flow Meter

9. Coriolis Meter

10. Proving Flow Meter API

11. Calculation Sample

This training course will highlight:

  • Everything that is specific and relevant to flow conditions at the point of measurement
  • Fiscal measuring technologies currently utilized (from differential pressure right through to Coriolis)
  • The operating principle of each technology with respect to performance, properties, uses, application, installation, calibration, advantages and disadvantages, et cetera
  • How to select the best device for the task at hand
  • Understand proving, calibration, maintenance, meter runs and other aspects that go together with fiscal flow measurement

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Click here for complete syllabus : metering and custody silabus

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